Sermons are what happen weekly as we listen to the Bible presented.  Here you will find all of our past and present sermons series available for download or streaming.

Devotions are where we study what the Bible says on our own. Here you will find a weekly study guide to help you think through what the sermon was about.

Groups are where we gather to talk about the what we have seen in the Bible throughout the week. Here you will find out how to get connected to one of our many Groups.

Checking out Keystone Church for the first time?

If you are new to who we are, let us introduce ourselves! Keystone Church exists to reach and serve the community, to bring hope and healing across the street and around the world.

You can access all of our content on the go by downloading our free app!  It allows you to download sermons, will help in your visits to Keystone Church, and gives you easy access to our weekly devotions.

Here is what is going on:

We like sports.  We like to eat.  We love to study the Bible.  So we decided to combine all 3 of those and create the Manner.  The last Wednesday of each month, our men get together for one of the most interesting Groups you will be a part of.  Be sure to plan on joining us the last Wednesday of this month for this great time. (The women meet the last Thursday of each month at 7 pm)

The last Wednesday of each month @ 7 pm


We believe families should study the Bible together.  We also totally get that idea being a daunting task that intimidates so many.  What if someone asks a hard question and we don’t really know the answer?  That is why we have decided to bring everyone on the same page to go through this great child’s devotion together so you can know that you know what you are teaching them.  We will even give you a devotional for your family to use!

Sermon Series starting August 3rd!


We are a low-budget church.  Our goal is not to build a bigger building, but rather to stay small while growing bigger.  We recently saved about $1 million by going to two services rather than building a new building. We want to start more small churches rather than big bigger churches.  That’s why we believe that we could do even more ministry if we paid off our current building.  The mortgage is not that much and we believe that we can make it happen one $20 bill at a time. Check out this nation wide offering happening August 20th!

Mission Statement: Keystone Church exists to reach and serve the community, to bring hope and healing across the street and around the world.

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