Free Resources For Churches

As a mission church, on a mission church budget, we at Keystone Church understand the financial struggle to stay relevant and professional in our approach to the Gospel.   Even though it is not everything we are about, it is relevant to the culture that we are in.  The way a product is presented creates an interest or a disinterest in us and determines how much time we give a product.  The same can be used in churches for sermons and sermon series.  We have found it helpful to use these “hooks” to get people interested and excited about upcoming series.

As a student of art most of my life, I have been able to use the ability God has given me to aid in this part of our ministry.  With the understanding that God is the great Giver of talents etc, I also learn that we are to be givers that reflect His character.  Therefore we are making our past sermon series logos and other things available here for you to use in your churches.  These are not meant for a use that is for monetary gain, but can be used in your church.  Feel free to take all that you see here.  I ask one thing: simply contact me and let me know that you are using it and what for.

Pastor Nate Altom

This logo was used for a recent series on the subject of fear and what the crosses answer to fear is.  There is also a video that was made as an intro for each sermon that is available upon request.

This logo was used for a series through the book of James.  We also decorated our stage in all kinds of “garage sale” stuff and junk.  It was used to illustrate the need to get the junk and clutter talked about in James out of our lives.

This series can be found in the “sermons” section of our webpage.  It comes from John Calvin’s quote of us being broken mirrors that still reflect, but reflect poorly.   We talked about how God is certain things, whereas we are simply reflecting what originated in God.

Doctrine was a series of sermons on core doctrinal beliefs that every Christian should have in order to call themselves a follower of Jesus Christ

We followed Matthew 5,6, and 7 here.  It was about how outside change does not always equal inside change, but inside change always equals outside change.

One of our Christmas series

We are all befores watching as Jesus turns us into afters.  Peter was like that.  He went from a fisherman to a great preacher and leader.  But there were doubts and struggles in between.  This was a series where we looked at Peter’s life.

A sermon series through Ruth

In this marriage series we talked about how marriage is worth fighting for.  This series can be found on our webpage.

Jacob had a lot of wrestling matches in his life.  He wrestled with family, himself, Jesus, and many others.  This sermon simply followed his life and the theme of wrestling.

This is our logo for our men’s group that meets the last Wednesday of each month.  We eat meat like men (sometimes with plates and sometimes with sides) and then talk about issues men deal with.

This series was used as a new believers course.  We handled the basics of salvation, baptism, tithing, etc.

Series from the life of Noah

This was a series we used to go over some words common in church, but not in everyday life.

David was an amazing character with amazing accomplishments, but also mind-boggling failures as well.  We studied his life to see if he was more like we are, or some super God follower that is unattainable by us.

From a single sermon on the above text.