We understand that you may have questions…

We welcome you to ask them. In the meantime, here are some common ones that we have been asked:



What do I need to wear to attend your services?

We do not have a dress-code for attendance.  In our services, you will notice a large array of clothes.  Just come the way you would go out any other time.


What do you offer for kids?

Services that are age appropriate for each age level is our ultimate goal. However, we also are a new church and are still growing.  At this time, we do offer a service for children and a cry-room (where you can leave your child or you can stay with your child) for every Sunday morning service.  Each worker that you will see there has undergone a federal background check.  Your child’s safety is our priority.  For more information, visit the Keystone Kids section of our webpage. 


Will I be singled out in any way?

We offer a visitor friendly environment.  You will not be called out, singled out, or pressured to give any money.  We have been to new places for the first time and are aware of ways that you can be made uncomfortable, we will avoid these.


Can I bring a laptop or tablet to your services?

We encourage you to!  Each week the sermon outline will be made available on an app called Youversion.  This gives you an interactive way to follow the sermon with polls, questions, prayer requests, and the scriptures.  You will notice many people in our services using these.  For more information on your version, click here.



Can I rent out your building for birthday parties, anniversary services, or other meetings?

Yes. We are a church that was built by giving people from all over the United States and Canada.  Our building was a gift to us, for the purpose of serving the greater Greensburg area.  Therefore, we offer the use of our building free of charge to any that need it.  For a list of the guidelines and rules for this, please contact us by calling or emailing one of the pastors. 


Will you marry us?

As mentioned above, we do not charge for the use of our building.  Also we do not charge for weddings.  This is a service to the community. We would love to sit down and schedule a time to meet and discuss your wedding plans.  Our pastors are available for you to call anytime.  In order to be married at Keystone Church, we do require a premarital counseling (free of charge) class first.