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August 20th

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What if I told you that you could help a mission church reach self supporting status with just $20? What if we told you for that same $20 you could be a part of planting multiple churches?  That is what 20DollarDay is all about.  We have begun the next phase at Keystone Church.  We believe that our mortgage of $175,000 is one of the biggest hurdles for us reaching self-supporting status.  It’s not a big mortgage, we only currently owe $175,000 on our building. Recently, when we ran out of space, we simply started a second service, thus doubling our current capacity for little to nothing.  Our goal has never been to build another building.  That’s why we think this is such a big chance for us to move forward.  We are declaring August 20th 20DollarDay.  Churches all across the United States are pairing up with us to help us pay off our current building. We have provided you with all of the information we can to help promote this at your church.  We are asking that each church plan on taking up an offering on this Sunday and encouraging your people to go to www.20dollarday.com.  By each person giving $20 on that day we can see more churches planted in the Pittsburgh, PA area!  So help us out, share it on Facebook, email churches around you, hand out this information and let’s make this a huge day!  Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help reach the Pittsburgh area.

300 people giving = $6,000

500 people giving = $10,000

700 people giving = $14,000